In response to the Kenya Gazette notice issued by the CS for Interior and National Administration designating Monday, November 13th, 2023 as National Tree Planting Day, the energy at Uwezo College was absolutely electric! Our passionate students displayed an incredible commitment, and the result? Over 2000 trees planted in a single day.

The morning greeted us with light showers amidst a slightly chilly atmosphere, but it only added to the camaraderie and excitement. Instead of dampening our spirits, it made the day refreshingly cooler, making the experience even more enjoyable. Armed with shovels and jembes, our campus transformed into a lush green paradise.

Yet, it wasn’t merely about the act of planting trees; it encapsulated a collective effort, a shared responsibility towards our planet. It was about forging connections, coming together as a community, and making a statement: ‘We deeply care about the environment we inhabit.’

Amidst the diligent work of planting trees, there was an abundance of laughter, an infectious spirit of teamwork, and an overwhelming sea of green. At Uwezo College, the day was a celebration marked by the joy of contributing to a sustainable future. 🌳🌧️

The hashtags #TreePlantingFun, #GreenTeam, and #UwezoCollegeVibes captured the essence of our collective enthusiasm and dedication towards fostering a greener, more sustainable world. Each planted tree represents a commitment, a promise to nurture and preserve our planet for generations to come.

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